Skydive for charity!

Fundraising for your chosen charity

Skydiving is an exhilarating and unforgettable way to raise money for your chosen charity.  Most people are very happy to sponsor someone else willing to jump for charity!  It couldn't be easier to raise funds for a special cause and we will provide you with all the information necessary to make this happen. When you raise the minimum amount for the charity you can get the jump for free, Please see the 2 other charity pages to see how you could get a free skydive for just raising as little as £250.00

Your journey to raising funds starts here...

  • Get permission from your chosen charity / cause to raise funds on their behalf
  • Book your jump with us
  • Download a sponsorship form from the Bookings section on our website
  • Start collecting sponsors
  • Make the jump
  • Collect in the funds raised
  • Reimburse yourself the cost of the jump
  • Give the remaining funds to your chosen charity or special cause
  • Let us know how much you have raised and we will add it to our Charity/Fundraising page

Why book your fund raising jump through us?

It is important that the 'cause' gets as much money as possible from your jump. We are one of the very few companies that do not charge extra for a charity / fundraising jump.  All companies, whether they advertise a free jump or not, will be paying the centres for the jump by deducting payment from the sponsorship money.  Some skydiving companies charge as much as £70.00 per person for the booking fee in addition to the cost of the jump. So even with a lower target amount we ask for the charity will get the same donation.

How to pay for the jump

If you are planning to use a percentage of the money raised to pay for the jump, and most people do, we would suggest you raise a minimum of £100 above the cost of the jump.  If you should fall short of the amount you need to pay for the jump, then you should make up the difference yourself.  As the jump will have to be paid for on the day, it may be helpful to collect the sponsorship money up front.  

Filming your charity skydive

If you choose to film your jump by booking our special Filming and Photography Package, we would advise you to pay for this out of your own funds and not the sponsorship money.

What type of jump is available?

If you are planning to do a one-off jump for a charity or special cause, then we would recommend a Tandem jump as this type of descent gives the best all-round experience of skydiving with the least amount of training.  A Tandem jump can also be made in the largest range of weather conditions permitted for skydiving, so you are more likely to complete the decent on the day booked.  For further information about  Tandem jumps please click here.

Recent Testimonials

"A big thank you from us for looking after our fundraisers – it was a fantastic result donations-wise!" - Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity.