Static Line Skydiving

What is Static Line Skydiving?

Static Line Skydiving offers the individual an opportunity to jump from an aircraft, on his or her own, from an altitude of 3500 feet using an automatically opened parachute.  The main parachute is deployed using a device called a 'static line'.  This is a length of webbing attached to the aircraft at one end and the bag in which the main parachute is kept at the other.  As the jumper falls away from the aircraft, the static line pulls the main parachute out and begins deployment.  The parachute or canopy used is a modern square parachute that offers better control than the older style round-shaped parachute enabling the student jumper to steer the canopy to the landing area with more accuracy and in addition, a softer landing.  

The square parachute can also be used in slightly higher wind conditions (15 knots instead of just 10 knots), which ultimately means you are more likely to complete your skydiving jump.

This type of jump opens the way to becoming a skydiver and with more descents, the student will eventually be able to jump without the static line by deploying the parachute manually and thus, achieving their first free-fall descent!

How is the Static Line course structured?

The Static Line course involves a full day's training on Saturday.  The actual skydiving jump normally takes place on the Sunday morning. Please allow the whole weekend to complete the course. This course has the advantage that once you have learnt the skills required to carry out the first skydiving jump, subsequent jumps are considerably cheaper. 

We have added how to progress through the 8 levels of the catogory system in the progression in the sport page. (section 4)

Static Line Skydiving Restrictions

As an affiliated member of The British Parachute Association,we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety in the sport of Skydiving and regard your welfare as of paramount importance to us.  For your own health and safety it is important that you read this section. 

If your 40th birthday falls before the day of your jump or you have a medical condition that requires medication, you need to complete a British Parachute Association (BPA) Medical Form 114a.  We will provide you with this form when you book your jump with us.  The form must be stamped by your doctor in order for it to be validated.  Unfortunately, without this validation, you will not be able to book on to the Static Line course.   To view and download this form, please click here. 

You must be over 16 to skydive in the UK.  If under 18, you are required to complete a British Parachute Association (BPA) Consent Form 106 that will need to be signed by a parent/guardian.   To download a copy of this form, please click here.   If you have a medical condition then your parent/guardian will also need to sign Form 114a

We recommend everyone under the age of 18 takes a parent/guardian with them on the day.

Static Line Charity Jumps

If you are planning to do a one-off jump for a charity that you support, we would recommend a Tandem Jump, as this gives the best all round experience of skydiving with the least amount of training.   If you would like to carry out a Static Line Charity Jump,  please  find out how to  do this by clicking here.

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