Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

What is AFF?

Accelerated Free Fall or AFF is an intensive course aimed at the individual who has decided to get the fast track training required to become a Skydiver.  After a full day of intense training you will be taken to heights of up to 13,500 feet, where two very experienced instructors will exit the aircraft with you, giving you instructions via hand signals, whilst in free fall. Please Note. The Jump normally takes place the day following the ground school therefore you need to allow a minimim of 2 days to complete this course.

You will open the parachute at around 5,500 feet and fly it to the ground. You will have radio communication to help you whilst under the canopy.

AFF Course Levels

The course is structured over 8 levels. You need to pass each level before you can progress to the next one. This course is by far the most intense way of learning to free-fall via a very steep learning curve.

This information is for use as a guide only.  Depending on your ability and based on your progression, your instructor may slightly alter what you do on each level. In essence, each session will include what you did on the previous jump including the new skill being learnt.  This applies to all levels apart from level 8. 


Below is the AFF training sylibus from the BPA Operation manual Clasification of Paracutist Section 5 Para 5. reproduced for information only.  
Has received a minimum of six hours ground training and has been cleared to make a first
AFF descent.
5.1. Level 1
Has completed ‘Ground School’ and has achieved the following:-
5.1.1. Heading awareness.
5.1.2. Awareness of altimeter and instructors.
5.1.3. Reasonably co-ordinated Practice Pulls.
5.1.4. Pull on instructor’s signal.
N.B. Additional possible exercises may be introduced at the instructor’s discretion at a
level indicated or at any subsequent level:
a, Solo pull on own altitude awareness. b, Heel clicks. c, Free arm time. d, wave off.
5.2. Level 2
5.2.1. Free arm time.
5.2.2. Practice Pulls
5.2.3. Reasonable body position.
5.2.4. Solo pull on own altitude awareness
a, Turns (instructor attached). b, Tracking (instructor attached). c, Secondary
instructor release.
5.3. Level 3
5.3.1. Leg and arm awareness
5.3.2. Heading maintenance (whilst totally released)
a, Spotting
5.4. Level 4
Start and stop turn(s)
5.5. Level 5
Turns left and right
a, Solo exit. b, Sub-terminal control. c, tracking.
5.6. Level 6
5.6.1. Solo exit
5.6.2. Sub-terminal control
5.6.3. Attempt back loop(s)
5.6.4. Tracking
a, Front loop(s). b, Unstable exit. c, Track turns
5.7. Level 7
5.7.1. Solo dive exit
5.7.2. Alternate 360O turns
5.7.3. Back loop(s)
5.7.4. Track and track turns
5.7.5. Wave off
5.8 Level 8

Solo exit and pull stable within 10 seconds.
N.B.(1) Student Parachutists cannot progress more than one level per descent.
N.B.(2) Levels 1-3 require 2 AFF Instructors and Levels 4-8 require 1 AFF Instructor.
N.B.(3) AFF graduates may not be awarded Category 8 until a minimum of ten consolidation jumps have been completed. These consolidation jumps may be started after the successful completion of Level 7, but until Level 8 has been successfully completed the AFF Student must be dispatched and supervisedby an AFF Instructor.
N.B.(4) AFF parachuting including consolidation jumps may only take place at a Club where regular AFF parachuting takes place and where AFF instructorare regularly available.
N.B.(5) Continuation training for partially trained Student Parachutists or Student Parachutists trained outside the BPA system will be at the
discretion of the CCI.

Jump Restrictions MAX age 49 - 55 depending on centre

You must allow a minimum of 2 days for these types of course.

If your 40th birthday falls before the day of your jump or you have a medical condition that requires medication, you need to complete a British Parachute Association (BPA) Medical Form 114a.  We will provide you with this form when you book your jump with us.  The form must be stamped by your doctor in order for it to be validated.  Unfortunately, without this validation, you will not be able to book a Tandem Jump.   To view and download this form, please click here. 

You must be over 16 to skydive in the UK.  If under 18, you are required to complete a British Parachute Association (BPA) Consent Form 106 that will need to be signed by a parent/guardian.   To download a copy of this form, please click here.   If you have a medical condition then your parent/guardian will also need to sign Form 114a

We recommend everyone under the age of 18 takes a parent/guardian with them on the day.

Charity jumps

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