Skydiving is an exhilarating sport that involves jumping from an aircraft and free falling/parachuting back to earth. Jump heights typically range from 3000 to 15,000 feet depending on the skydiving Centre you jump from and the type of skydive you are carrying out.

You can book a number of different types of Skydiving packages on this site, from tandem skydiving, static line skydiving to accelerated free fall courses (AFF courses). If you have any questions about skydiving, please check out our frequently asked questions page, as well as the specific pages below. You can also contact us here if you have any further questions.

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving is a great introduction to this exciting sport.  If you have never jumped before, Tandem Skydiving is the simplest way of experiencing skydiving with very little tuition needed. You can jump safely in the knowledge that you will be strapped to an experienced, qualified instructor who will put your mind at ease.

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Static Line Skydiving

Static Line Skydiving gives you the opportunity to jump from an aircraft on your own from an altitude of 3500 feet using an automatically opened parachute.  The main parachute is deployed using a device called a 'static line'.  This is a length of webbing attached to the aircraft at one end and the bag in which the main parachute is kept at the other.  As you fall away from the aircraft, the static line pulls the main parachute out and begins deployment. This is a great way to experience skydiving on your own and involves tuition and training before your jump.

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Accelerated Free Fall Courses

If you want to become a qualified skydiver then the AFF course offers an intensive training programme, comprising of eight levels, in order to achieve this. You will jump from 13,500 feet with experienced skydivers, learning hand signals, theory and the knowledge and training needed to jump alone.

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We have a number of Skydiving Centres to choose from. Please visit our locations page in order to make your selection.


If you want to book a skydive for a loved one, you can purchase vouchers for either a deposit or the whole value of the jump. To find out more about vouchers please vist our sister company Discover Flight Ltd. Discover Flight specialises in skydiving vouchers and flight experiences. 


If you want to find out more about skydiving we have a created a comprehensive FAQ page. Please click here to vist the page. Alternatively you can contact us with your questions.