Skydiving Vouchers for Christmas

At Jumpwithus we have two great special offers, one for the winter season and one for the Christmas period. It has never been a better time to book your voucher for a loved one and the details of the offers are below:

Brackley Anytime Christmas Voucher - £205

During the months of November and December 2012 you can book an anytime voucher at Brackley for the low price of £205! The normal price of this voucher is £225. This can be used at weekends OR during the week offering a lot of flexability. Brackley is centrally located and has excellent travel links with London. 

  • Due to the low price of the voucher, it must be redeemed by the 31st March 2013 (the date of jump must take place before or on the 31st March 2013). Please note that if your jump is called off due to bad weather, the jump will be re-booked even if the new date falls after the 31st March 2013.
  • This jump must be paid for in full at point of purchase.
  • This voucher is subject to availability.
  • The cut off date for Christmas post is 19th December - make sure you order on or before this date.


Free Voucher Extension - 3 extra months FREE!

Between the months of November and February we will be extending all Anytime and Week Day vouchers from 9 months to 12 months FREE of charge (normal value £15.00). This gives you some extra time to use your new voucher should you need it.

  • Please note that this offer is not valid in conjunction with the "Brackley Anytime Christmas Voucher" as this offer has a strict time constraint on booking.
  • This offer is valid on new vouchers purchased from the 16th November 2012 through to 28th February.


If you have any questions on the above offers please contact us here

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Dave Luke

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Qualifications: Tandem Instructor & Category System Instructor.