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Brackley London
Max Weight 15 St / 95Kg
Video £100.00 including stills photos. A very good price for both DVD and Stills


Deposit: £50
Jump Price: £330
Total Cost of Jump: £380

You can pay in full today or you can pay the deposit now and the remainder on the day of the jump.

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Skydiving makes the perfect gift for loved ones. We offer the ability to purchase this jump as a voucher that can be redeemed at a later date. Voucher holders choose the date of their jump at the time of redemption.

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Deposit: £50
Jump Price: £330
Total Cost of Jump: £380

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Payment Methods

Brackley is my home Skydiving Centre where I have made most of my 8600 skydives to date. Where possible I will jump with my own Tandem Skydiving Students.

We have some great Tandem Skydiving prices, Just Reduced from £250.00 to £230.00 perperson plus £10.00 discount for 3 or more people booking midweek when booked online.

The exit height is normally 13000ft from their very own PAX750XL aircraft which can carry 16 people to 13000ft in just 16 minutes

A DVD of your skydive can be booked on the day for just £100.00 including high quaility digital stills photographs. simply request this service when you book in on the day and a freefall cameraman will jump with you. He will film you getting ready, the ride in the plane and the freefall. As the Tandem Skydiving pair will open their parachute at 5500ft and the cameraman at 3000ft he will land first and capture the landing. This will then be edited and over dubbed with music for you. You also have the option to have the package on a memory stick, which makes sharing the expeiance even easier. Great value, and you get to take it home on the day.

AFF courses can be booked on a Tuesday or Friday note these are 2 day courses with the jump taking place the day following the course. 

There is a canteen serving sandwiches, burgers with other hot food and drinks.  The is also a bar available. (The bar will only open when jumping has finished for the day).

You can arrive in afternoon at this centre.

This centre is closed on a monday unless it is a Bank holiday in which case it will be open

Tandem Skydiving for Charity

If you are planning to do a one-off jump for a charity that you support, we would recommend a tandem skydiving jump, as this gives the best all round experience of skydiving with the least amount of training. To find out how to tandem jump for charity please see the Charity page.

Tandem Skydiving Restrictions

As of April 11th 2016 our governing body the British Parachute Association has introduced two forms to replace the original tandem fitness form. The 40+ age limit has been removed for mandatory medicals for tandem jumpers. Ability to take part in a tandem jump is now solely based on medical history.

There are now two BPA tandem forms as follows: You should read the BPA Fitness form 115a as soon as possible - if having read all the statements you are unable to declare yourself fit to jump and sign this form, then you will need to take Form 115b to your doctor to be signed and bring this along with you on the day of your jump.

As before, a letter from the doctor, notes or any other type of medical cannot be accepted. It must be the official signed BPA Form 115 A or B only. Forms should be taken along on the day of your course; we do not need them back in advance.

You must be over 16 to skydive in the UK.  If under 18, you are required to complete a British Parachute Association (BPA) Consent Form 106 that will need to be signed by a parent/guardian.   To download a copy of this form, please click here.  If you are not yet 18 your parent/guardian will also need to sign Form 115a .

We recommend everyone under the age of 18 takes a parent/guardian with them on the day.

Brackley, Nr Banbury Oxfordshire. Very easy for London, Birmingham on the M40 corridor Juction 10 or 11. Also very good A roads from Milton Keynes Stratford- upon- Avon, Warwick, Rugby, Walsall.
The centre is open everyday except monday unless it is a Bank holiday in which case it will be open. Only closing for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year.
All prices Including the compulsury British Parachute Association Membership currently £30.00